Carpet Cleaning Business Stays Ahead With Rainbow International®


David Ondieki is a veteran in the carpet cleaning industry. More than 25 years ago, he started a cleaning business in Ft. Worth, Texas and has been in the service industry ever since. However, 10 years ago David’s business made a shift, and he became part of a network of Rainbow International franchisees.

How did you get into the carpet cleaning business?

I had my cleaning business for several years, and we were doing pretty well. We had two trucks on the road. However, I got to the point where we were tapped out, so to speak. We were doing every service call we could on the cleaning side, which is why I decided to make a switch to restoration as well.

How did you find out about Rainbow International? What sparked your interest in the company?

I was actually looking at several different business concepts and different services. I had a client that I had worked for who referred me to the company. He gave my name to The Dwyer Group®, and I received a phone call.

What about Rainbow International stood out to you?

One of the things I looked at was the relationship. What is the philosophy? I am a Christian. When I visited The Dwyer Group headquarters, I was interested in the values of the company. When you marry somebody, you want to have something to build on. The same is true with a franchise. From what I saw, the Code of Values® to the attitudes of the people there really attracted me to Rainbow International. Other franchisors didn’t look to me to care about their franchisees as much as The Dwyer Group and Rainbow International did. I just felt comfortable when I visited.

Since you started your business, what has been your greatest challenge, and how has Rainbow helped you through that?

The greatest challenge that many people in this business face is in the growth stage. One of the things that Rainbow International was able to help me with was the growth process. For instance, the national accounts that the restoration franchise provided as part of their system really helped my business.

Networking is one of the benefits of a franchise. Has Rainbow International’s network helped your company get through some of those growing pains?

As a franchisee, it’s your responsibility to ask for help. When I do have questions, when I do need support, the Franchise Consultant helps me. I bounce ideas off of corporate and other franchisees. I think that is one of the greatest assets of franchising, having other people you can reach out to for assistance when you need it. That’s why I looked into franchising because of the network of support that comes along with the business. If you want help with your business, you can get it.

 What are some of the goals and aspirations that you have for your business today?

One of the things I’ve done to grow my business is to add more services. I am at the point now where I am moving into restoration and reconstruction.We’ve been providing these services to some extent for the last three or four years, but now I’ve been more focused in that direction. Right now I have nine full-time employees and four working part-time.

David Ondieki owns and operates the Rainbow International of South Tarrant County and Grand Prairie. If you are a carpet cleaner looking to expand and grow your business, visit

Restoration Contractor Focuses on Leadership in Business

Franchisee Friday Reed Matingly

Reed Mattingly, owner, Rainbow International of Columbia, S.C., is a leader in the industry and in his local community.

After a career in the corporate world Reed and his wife decided it was time to ditch the rat race and settle down. They decided they would return to Reed’s hometown of Columbia nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Blue ridge mountains of South Carolina.“We were looking for a business either to buy or start, and were interested in the restoration industry,” said Reed.

Eager to go into business for himself, Reed looked at several options. He knew he wanted to enter the home restoration business, but debated opening his own shop versus opening a franchise. There were several reasons why Reed thought Rainbow International®, a leading brand in the home restoration industry, was a good option. Reed found the system accounts with insurance companies attractive, and he also liked the support systems and national exposure that the backing of The Dwyer Group ® could give his business. However, most importantly according to Reed, it was the franchise company’s Code of Values ® and way of doing business that he strongly identified with. Read more

Are You Confident Enough in Your Services to Flood Your Own Home?

From Restoration & Remediation

Man floods own home for water restoration demonstration - Rainbow International

Franchisee James Brown flooded his own basement on Oct. 7 to demonstrate the value of his restoration services.

1,500 gallons.

That’s the amount of water that Jason Brown, the president of Rainbow International’s Fairfield, N.J. location, estimates he pumped into his home’s basement on Sunday, Oct. 7. A basement that he says he paid $30,000 to refinish not many years prior.

Why did he do it? So he could dry it.

Read more

We Love Our Franchisees


On April 4, Rainbow International celebrated its first-ever Franchisee Appreciation Day, a gesture designed as a show of support to Rainbow International’s approximately 285 franchisees worldwide. Rainbow International is a home restoration company whose franchises offer smoke, fire, and water damage restoration services as well as carpet cleaning for commercial and residential clients.

The Franchisee Appreciation Day celebration included a handwritten note of appreciation written to every single franchise owner, and a thank-you video from the Rainbow International corporate staff. As a corporate office, The Dwyer Group® brands are always striving to give their franchisees a little extra motivation. As you explore franchises for sale, don’t forget to look for a franchise that’s committed to your success and to a good corporate culture.


“Thank you so much for the support and for believing in us. We are very proud to carry the Rainbow International Restoration & Cleaning torch. It is always about doing the right thing for our customers.”

“We’re feeling the love. Thanks for the video, Rainbow International corporate office.”

“I LOVE THIS! What a great idea! Thank you WACO!”




Navigating the Troubled Waters of Small Business Ownership

By 7:45 a.m., Ronnie Hurst is already more productive than most people. In his first fifteen minutes of work, Hurst has already delegated cleaning and restoration jobs to his three employees and begun planning for the remainder of the week. It is from his office, lined with filing cabinets and paper, that Ronnie Hurst runs his own business: the Waco Rainbow International.

Before Hurst became the owner of his own Rainbow International franchise, he already had plenty of years of experience under his belt.

“Every person who is really successful in business is a good salesman,” says Hurst. “The better at sales they are, the better their business is.”

Following a passion for sales, Hurst began his career as a salesman. Over the years he sold trailers, mobile homes and eventually franchises at The Dwyer Group franchise development office. Working closely with other salespeople and learning the inner workings of various Dwyer Group franchises, Hurst began to understand the benefits of owning a franchise over starting his own small business.

“I’ve seen a lot of guys that own businesses fail and it’s due to a lack of knowledge,” says Hurst. “There is a certain value to having a franchise rather than starting my own business.”

In 2006, the opportunity arose for Hurst to purchase the local Rainbow International franchise. Quickly seeing a great opportunity to use his skills in sales and utilize his work ethic, Hurst became the owner of the Waco Rainbow International.

A self described micromanager and hard worker, Hurst has spent the last five years growing his business. But even with all of his experience in sales, Hurst still finds he runs into trouble managing his own business.

“Business is so involved,” said Hurst. “There are so many liabilities, and to be efficient at it, you have to be pretty sharp.”

To help facilitate his success and growth in small business, Hurst credits The Dwyer Group and their excellent training methods.

“They teach you every aspect of the business, from accounting and law, to management…I couldn’t have done it without The Dwyer Group’s support.”

The future looks bright for Hurst, but he will be the first to admit his struggles with operating a business.

“Nothing is perfect and The Dwyer Group is not perfect either, but I think they continue to strive to be as good as they can be,” says Hurst. “What holds us back in business are our own mistakes, and The Dwyer Group tries to help prevent us from making them.”

Hurst doesn’t want anyone to think that he runs his business from his office. After delegating employees and getting the day going, Hurst spends the later part of the day working with customers and overseeing restorations and cleanings.

“I’m mechanically inclined so I’m out in the field working.” says Hurst.

Offering not only just restoration services, Hurst’s Rainbow International also offers carpet cleaning. Although, Hurst says they are performing restoration services around three times a week, he cites the majority of his work to be carpet cleaning jobs.

“We’ve cleaned everything.” said Hurst. “From Baylor students’ apartments to the rugs in the Bill Daniel Student Center at Baylor University, we’ve done it all.”

As his morning is beginning to start, the calls from customers start coming in. Hurst is busy answering phones and setting appointments for later in the week. He handles everything in a kind and professional manner. “Restoration really is a year round business,” says Hurst with a smile.

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