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Dina Dwyer-Owens Writes About How Success Isn't Dictated by Money

Robert_at_17.jpgIn the Follow Along section of Dina Dwyer-Owens' website, Dina talks about what it takes to succeed in business, and it isn't money! Read how she pays tribute to Executive V.P. of Dwyer Group, Robert Tunmire, and reflects on how his story brings the point home.

A Series on Leadership


Mary_Thompsin.jpgExcerpt Two: Belonging to the C Suite

As a small business owner and franchisee, you wear all of the “C Suite” hats. You’re the CEO, usually the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and often the Chief Marketing Officer.  Sometimes you also need to be the Chief Cheerleader. Belonging to the C Suite takes incredible energy, a focused approach, and caring, more than just about anyone else, about all that must be done.

A Series on Leadership


Mary-Kennedy-Thompson.jpgExcerpt One: Best Tips for Approaching Leadership as a Woman

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.    -- John Quincy Adams

I’ve always believed leadership does not need to be gender biased. Leadership in its purest form is by example, and requires no title to be a leader. More and more leadership positions are being filled by women. It’s an exciting time watching new leaders shape the world.

Demand for Maid Service is on the Rise


Becky_Cool_MLY.jpgLooking to start a business that offers fulfilling work for your employees, is rewarding for you, and has a growing demand for services? Molly Maid hits the mark for all three and may be available in your area.  See First News WKBN 27 and their story about how housekeeping needs are on the rise, and how not everyone loathes the dirty work.

Photo courtesy WKBN 27

Five Star Painting Franchisee Mike Christensen Mentors Family in Business


Part 3:  Dwyer Group Franchise Families in Business

Franchise Ownership Offers Ability to Support Community


MLY_Reilly.jpgPhoto courtesy the Severna Park Voice

The Worthington Word: Loyalty Adds Meaning to Our Lives



Loyalty is about being faithful or committed to someone, something or even an idea.

Loyalty is regarded as a virtue in most religions and is one of the fundamental ingredients to successful relationships. Without loyalty, trust would be suspect, and without trust relationships are strained. It’s loyalty to country and family which motivates members of society to protect one another in times of war or danger. Loyalty naturally leads to bravery and courageous acts of self-sacrifice, without which it would be impossible to sustain a society long-term.

Everyone benefits from loyalty.

Dwyer Group has Experts: Is Your Biz in the News Like Ours?


expert.pngTwo key benefits (among a gazillion!) of being a franchisee for a Dwyer Group service brand are:  National brand recognition, and the Marketing and PR support to get the word out.  

Mr. Handyman Owners "One Notch Above Awesome"


Part 2: Dwyer Group Franchise Families in Business








James Furrer and his father, Allen Furrer, own three Mr. Handyman franchises between them.  This dynamic duo is the epitome of teamwork, drive, and off-the-charts commitment.  They know their plan.  They follow the system. They reap the rewards.

When James Furrer agreed to interview for this article, who knew he’d be doing it from his car in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel while his family dined inside?  He, his wife, Sara, daughter Ava, and a group of 44 others were about to make their annual trek to Minnesota for an outdoor family vacation, and James wanted to make sure to touch base and complete it before he went “off the grid.”

Be a Part of the Courteous Plumbing Company at Mr. Rooter


Imagine your business having a national reputation for being polite.  That isn't something you hear everyday!


With social media and the internet, word travels fast.  Whether it's a comment on a blog or ratings site, a "Like" on Facebook or a Tweet, consumers have more ways than ever to express their opinions on products and services.  If you are a business owner, the hope is for a glowing review and recommendation.

Mr. Rooter in Tallahassee, FL is getting some rave reviews of their own for celebrating International Cell Phone Courtesy Service Month.  

Are you getting national recognition for your business?